Report on the economic benefits of improved employment outcomes, Deloitte 2012

The economic benefits of increasing employment of people with disability, attempts to quantify the cost of Australia’s poor track record of inclusion of people with disability in the workplace, and to demonstrate the economic impact of this.

The study projected the outcome if governments and employers increased the current employment rate for Australians with disability by one-third over the next decade (from 54% to 64%).

In the first modelling scenario, it found that Australia’s GDP could be increased by $43 billion over the next decade if the employment rate of 64% for people with disability was achieved.

The findings from the second modelling scenario found that increasing workforce participation for people with disability by just ten percent (from 54% to 64% of people with disability), would result in a cumulative boost to Australia’s GDP of $40 billion in the next decade.

The report was commissioned by Australian Network on Disability, and conducted by Deloitte Access Economics in 2012.

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