Welcoming customers with disability

Our Welcoming customers with disability training course will help you meet the needs of your customers with disability. It will also support you to ensure that your products and services are accessible.

The session can be tailored to your specific requirements and most relevant for customer service staff and retail.

The course is supported by our Welcoming customers with disability publication and our Tips on communicating with customers with disability factsheet.

The training will be done through discussion, group activities, scenarios and video.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • Explain what is meant by ‘disability’ and how different impairments can impact on a person’s communication, participation and access to services;
  • Identify and use appropriate language and apply appropriate communication strategies when communicating with people with different types of impairment;
  • Understand obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and recognise situations that could lead to discrimination;
  • Identify potential barriers and strategies to increase accessibility to your products and services. 

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